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Home is the place where people spend maximum time to stay

Our aim is to make life simple and wonderful


     Over the last ten years, communication on mobile-phone, traffic system and development of cars have improved rapidly. However, the link between  technology and life was broken.

     Even the styles of decorative material were always changing and function of home appliance were improved continuously, we know we need more user-friendly experience at home.

     We integrate digital system into environment of home and working through combining video and audio, lighting, curtain, and home appliance with emphasis on the safety, convenience and comfortability. Therefore, combination of living function and visual-and-sound effect is the key point of systematic integration so that the steps of controlling one are progressed to be simple and convenient but no more repeated and complicated ones.

     Moreover, to keep the confortability of living room besides to maintain the integrity of the function of audio-video equipment.

     IOT system of ACMELUX makes life at home digitalized through smart internet-connected devices and service platform in the cloud to make users  control everything at home anytime and anywhere. In this way, you can use smart big-data analysis to build comfortable indoor environment in the long time so that all the devices at home fit you instead of your adaptation of them all.