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       About ACMELUX

       ACMELUX co.,ltd. was found in 1997 and initially devoted to the production and trading of all kinds of connectors and cables   for  various

electronic products. At the moment, it’s business territories cover
a headquarter in Taipei, an office in Hong Kong and a factory  in   China  In .

       2010, ACMELUX expanded its business to LED Lighting field including production of LED Bulb, Tube, Down Light, Various Luminaires In .

       2015, ACMELUX expanded its business to IOT, Internet Of Things, field, Air Cleaner field and E-Shopping field .
with integration marketing

       of research-development, production, sales.
 In the future, ACMELUX set the spirit of business as diversification management, macroscopic

       view, talent valued.

       [Creation and Transmutation ] means to use new thought and concept to catch up with needs and trends of current generation and keep

open-minded and flexibility responding to any change to increase competitiveness of company and participate international competition to reach

the purpose of constant operation. Meanwhile, to pursue creation in present field and revolutionary and destructive innovation to implant Creation

and Transmutation into work belief of every employee.

       [Creation and Transmutation] must be completely carried out so employees of ACMELUX have to keep learning and improving with concepts

of aggressively-changing-themselves to meet the every requirements of people in the society.We have to break through bravely in concepts,

management domains, operation models and do your best to co-work with thorough plans, executive ability and efficiency to 
achieve the goal of

continuous learning and none-stop improvement.